Essentials and techniques of negotiation and familiarity with the legal aspects of international commercial agreements
#47, South Kheradmand st.,


The purpose of this workshop is promotion of level of knowledge and skills required for negotiations and drawing up of international commercial agreements.


International commercial agreements deemed as the product of comprehensive process which begins with primary assessments and bargaining which continue till entering into agreements. This spectrum could be segmented into negotiation phase, as the prerequisite of meeting of minds, and drawing up an agreement. Each of these phases include their particularities which are of essence.

In this workshop, by way of emphasizing on the practicality, these phases and different aspects of such spectrum will be defined along with the effective skills required. The anatomy, content and ingredients of a couple of the most-frequently-used international commercial agreements will be analyzed and discussed, as well.  

Starting from December 1st - 29th (Saturdays)
3 PM - 5:30 PM at ISCC office
Course instructor: Mr. Rashidi
Tuition: 370,000 Tomans

Kamran Rashidi
Kamran Rashidi
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