International Marketing of Managers
Iran Switzerland Chamber of Commerce
47 South Kheradmand St., 3rd Floor, Unit 11

Imagine, to enter the market and obtain a share of product market of our country, what requirements should we adhere. The same process - project in the international marketing activity is also true and broad.
In summary, in the process of domestic sales, market “needs” (product vacuum) is identified and after the design and development operations, the product will enter the market with new strategies.

In the export process, considering the needs of the target market, the existing product (unchanged or modified) is introduced to the market and even a new product for a particular market can be fully designed and presented.
Achieving new market requires cost and investment, which in international marketing should be combined with patience to provide the company with a long-term share of the market.
On the other hand, regionalism and the desire to create an economic union have been expanding day by day, so that today, fewer countries can be found that is not a member of such unions. The recognition of trade as a development engine has caused all that is involved in the development of trade exchanges as a frontier of this, welcomed by the position of government officials and economic activists.

-Determining the target market
-Tutti fruity Game
-International Marketing Communications

August 4th
4pm - 6pm at ISCC office
Course instructor: Mr. Khalili
Tuition: 70,000 Tomans


Mr. Khalili
Mr. Khalili
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