First Steps for Online Business
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The meaning of business has changed since the Covid-19. Today, the concepts of online shopping, e-learning and communication seem more practical than ever.
But how do you begin?
What are its prerequisites and requirements?
What factors affect the success of online businesses?
These are the questions you can ask in the First steps for online business Workshop.
We recommend this program to the following people:

  1. If you have a business today but you are interested in starting an online business
  2.  If you have an idea to launch a startup

Oct 26th - Nov 9th 
16 - 18
Tuition for Members, Students and Startups 600,000 Tomans
for Non-Members 750,000 Tomans


Alireza Dehghani
Alireza Dehghani

Industrial Engineering
Designer and project manager of @bazi-khaneh startup
Reengineering Program Manager for

Error Success

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