Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce is formed in 2014 ( Since its formation one of its mains objective was to be involved in education fields and to help ISCC’s members’ managers and staffs learn new techniques in different disciplines. In the past some business related short-term courses were held but with the establishment of the Academy courses would be more specialized and permanent. The start and development of Academy activities will facilitate direct contact with Iranian and Swiss universities.

Focusing on the specialty of these courses and their continuous holding at basic to advanced levels will allow participants to improve and upgrade in various ways, such as short-term training courses, seminars and workshops, and to benefit from the experiences of Swiss and Iranian experts.  

Given the commissions (Tourism, Oil & Gas, Trade, Human Resources, Entrepreneur Women) created in the Chamber, and due to the close cooperation of the academy with these commissions, the goal will be to hold courses, seminars and workshops that have been already under consideration in the commissions and needed by members.

For example, in the context of Human Resources Commission, we will meet once a month, from August 2018, with Human Resources Directors of our members. The outcome of the interactions at these meetings is to hold 1 or 2 HR seminars and workshops with presence of Swiss experts.

By activation of ISCC Human Resources Platform last year and close cooperation of the academy with Swiss and Iranian universities, the main goal of the academy will be to facilitate communication for internship and transfer of experience between both countries.


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